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roject Overview

Hello World Android ProjectHello world android project is the first approach of our android programming. In this project we have use the basic concepts of android to display the text using android emulator. It’s the tutorial for android beginners who doesn’t have any knowledge of android programming and want to develop their first android application. Using this tutorial, you will also able to learn, how to run your android application using eclipse. Using this basic project, you will also able to learn what you need to develop android application.


  1. To develop an android application, you need the IDE that supports android developer tools.
  2. As android is a part of Java, so you need to have Eclipse IDE with ADT (Android Development Tools) plugins.
  3. Most important is that, you should have installed Java SE development Kit on your system.

How to Run an Android Application

We are going to show, how to run your android project. Using these given steps, you will able to run your project successfully. So let’s begin:

  1. After installing Eclipse with ADT plugin, you need to start your Eclipse IDE.
  2. Import your downloaded project to the workspace of Eclipse by selecting File->Import.
  3. You have to then select General mode using IDE and add Existing projects to yourworkspace.
  4. Now below, you will get Next option, which you have to click.
  5. After this step, you have to select the root directory and select the folder, where you have extracted your downloaded project.
  6. After getting the name of downloaded project, click on it for selection.
  7. You need to press Finish button after which, the project will automatically imported to your current workspace.
  8. Now press the Run button to see the output of your downloaded project.
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