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Customer Loan Analysis QlikView Project

Project Name: Customer Loan Analysis

Description: In this Customer Loan Analysis QlikView application, We are Extracting, Transforming and Loading data from the MS Excel and remove synthetic key using renaming field name and concatenation.

Create KPI’s to calculate the count of all customers, Disbursed Amount, Over Due Principle, Out Standing Principle and sales on year wise.

We are implementing master calendar for min and max date values.

Here we can create Dashboards, by using different types of Charts like bar charts, Pie Chart.

Using Set Analysis to Calculate the below:

  • Calculate count of min and max customers.
  • Calculate Sum of Min Disbursed Amount and Sum of Max Disbursed Amt.
  • Calculate Sum of Min Over Due Principle and Sum of Max Over Due Principle.
  • And even we can calculate Disbursed Amount on year wise and Quarter-wise.

We are using input box, list box and variables to analyze the customer loan data in the baking system.

How to Open the Project:

1) Open Customer Loan Analysis.qvw directly or using binary load to import the QlikView script

2) You can able to see the developed QlikView application

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