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The Query Redressal System is designed for the customers of the Global Bank. Through this system, the bank will manage the complaints from the customers and provide the better services for their customers.

The other target of the bank is to provide the services to its customers all over the world. This project enables the customers of the Global Bank to see the general information about the products, services, and schemes offered by the bank.

The Customers of the bank will be given an email id for each product, where they can send an e-mail when they have a query to register.

The email will be converted into complaints and then assigned to the persons handling the product. Persons handling the complaint will have a facility to communicate with the customer via emails through the system.


  • No wastage of time to send a query.
  • We also can know the complaint details.
  • Requires less man power.


  • Administrator
  • Products
  • Services
  • complaints

UML Diagrams:

ER Diagram:

Class Diagram:

Use Case Diagram:

Sequence Diagram:


Operating System: MS

Languages: Asp.Net with C#

Database System: MS-SQL Server

Web Server: MS IIS

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