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Phones can do a lot of things these days. Remote Phone Access is an easy-to-setup and reliable application providing fast and secure remote access to your Android phone. All you need for that is to have an Internet access and connect yourself to your personal Remote Phone Access account.

Remote control your desktop or laptop computer with any Android phone can Shutdown, Restart, hibernate operating system. Start and stop windows applications. Here to develop this Phone as Remote Server Based Android and Java using cloud application. We are using Java for desktop applications where all operations are performing as per the commands in a cloud database.

Android for mobile remote applications, it stores commands in the cloud by hitting the web. And also we are using cloud web server were mobile stores and get commands.

Existing System:

There are many more applications for Phone as a Remote server. They are providing the limited features only like:

Can Operate within the limit distance because of using the server.

Business Scenario:

Remote control your desktop or laptop computer with an Android phone.


Majorly we have 3 modules. The following are the modules of the project.

  • Java Desktop Module.
  • Cloud Web Server Module
  • Android Mobile Phone Module

Software Requirements:

Technology: Java 2 Standard Edition, JDBC, Servlets, MySQL, Android.

Web Server: Tomcat.

Hardware Requirements:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows, Android Mobile.

Hard Disk: 40GB or High

RAM: 512 MB or High

Processor: Dual Core

Project Activity Duration:

Duration: 7-8 weeks

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