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The images and the images compression have their own different configurations on which they function. The main and the similar thing that they have are the capability of gathering the image information and its detailed are stored in a less place or in less area inside the images. In this medical Image Compression system the images and the pictures are executed by the wavelet transformation and then the needed features are then selected to process the image to the final stage. This execution and the process method were set by the JPEG2000. By the time the image gets processed the ratio of the image gets a little low in ratio then the JPEG standards.

The algorithm that are allocated to the system development are Multi ROIs which has the extra feature of the prevention of edge algorithm, Here the Human eyes has the physiological and the psychological features that are used in this system for development purpose. The steps that are used in the algorithm are firstly the ROI algorithms are chosen by hands. Secondly is the image data separation in this the ROIs and the non ROIs. This later can directly transferred to the various multiple regions and areas. Third step is the Image compression and the fourth step is the Bit stream integrations.

These medical images that are compressed are always preserved by the features of the edge algorithms. In this mentioned algorithm the necessary information is gained first and then the ROIs are then chosen and are encoded after this process.

The practical conclusion shows the observation that the compressed made images are more superior to the standard SPIHT algorithms. The PSNR algorithm also has the large superiority then that of the JPEG2000 algorithms. This images that are then allotted to the medical image compression are then acquired a great value in the current period of time.

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